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10 Quick Ways To Stop Snoring

If your snoring is bothering you and others, you want to stop right away. Sometimes snoring is a problem that can be resolved quickly and simply. In other instances, medical testing and treatment is required to stop snoring.

Consider these 10 quick ways to stop snoring. You may stop snoring forever or at least quiet down for a while as you search for a solution.

1. Lose Weight
Fat around the neck and throat might be blocking your airways causing you to snore. Losing as little as 10 pounds can help you stop snoring.

2. Sleep On Your Side
If you like sleeping on your back, it’s time to make a change. Try sleeping on your side so you can breathe better.

3. Don’t Drink Before Bed
Avoid alcoholic beverages before bed. They relax your throat and may contribute toward your snoring problem. Also stay away from water or other beverages before bed that might cause you to wake up during the night to use the restroom.

4. Be Aware of Allergies
Know what aggravates your allergies. Avoid situations that make your allergies worse. Actively minimize allergy congestion by using nasal sprays, decongestants or a neti pot to clear your sinuses so you don’t snore.

How To Stop Snoring eBook5. Try a Mouth Guard
Visit your local pharmacy to pick up a mouth guard. This keeps your lower jaw from becoming lax, which causes snoring.

6. Quit Smoking
Smoking is bad for your respiratory system and your overall health. Quit smoking for better breathing and less snoring.

7. Maintain a Regular Sleep Schedule
Maintaining a regular sleep schedule helps your body know what to expect. Make sure you schedule enough sleep time so you aren’t overtired and snoring through the night.

8. Elevate Your Head With Extra Pillows
Elevating your head can take pressure off your airways for improved breathing. Try using an extra pillow to stop snoring.

9. No Sleeping Pills or Sedatives
Stop taking sleeping pills or sedatives before bed. They may cause your throat to become too relaxed so you cannot breathe properly. Consider botanical alternatives such as Calms Forte if you have difficulty getting to sleep.

10. Visit Your Physician
If these methods fail, visit your physician for a checkup. Snoring can be an indication of a more serious health problem. A trained medical professional can help you find a snoring solution